A Birthday Conversation Between a Son and His Mother

This young women with elegance and with grace created a world I could embrace. Trials and tribulation like blooming roses last diligently you’ve pruned this world. Gratitude? Insufficient is the word. Bells shall ring to designate this day….The anniversary of a Queen Genesis.

I love you mom

Happy Birthday

Wow! Oh my goodness, I love these words, they are just what I needed to hear on this day! You are truly my child and I love you so much! you have awaken your mother to what it means to live and enjoy life. There were so many years of confusion…thoughts of not only what really is the purpose of life, but whether or not my life had any real purpose. You my child has given me a voice and awakened me on so many levels. I want the world to know that life is great and worth living, never ever let that thought otherwise slip in and steal your joy no matter what tribulations come your way. Know that if you are ever looking for something it just might be right in front of you. God has made it so clear that we don’t have to go far to find ourselves and our true happiness. This Almighty has shown me that it has been sitting before me for 36 years and 9 months! Yes, you my son! You are one special young man, you are my life, you (and of course your little family) are the reason I breath, you are my stronghold, you are my rock, my blessing beyond measure! No one can tell me that living life to the fullest, forever in this body or the next is not possible, because I know it is! Life is great and I cherish it with all my beings! Life goes on and on and on and as long as I live, I shall embrace it FOREVER! Darrell Maurice Lyons, Jr. YOU are my world. My one and only perfect child!

Love Mom

To my very own mother, I thank you for the breath of life giving to me….oh so many years ago today! Without you there would be no me, without me there would not be this amazing you man I am so proud to call MY son!

Published by Fushiagirl1

Shattered for so long, a middle-aged woman seeking to put all the tiny pieces together. Functional in so many ways, but in facing so many realities the truth sets her free. She remains a woman of courage and curiosity, one who look to the creator of the universe for guidance and the ancestors for knowledge. She blogs for the ability to breath, to bring back together the woman that was lost as a child. The purpose is to become whole again and find the happiness that she never believed exist. Becoming whole again is a phrase, that is true, Becoming Whole Again is ME!

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