In times of uncertainties we all need to take that moment to be with our thoughts and feelings. Especially so when we lose someone so dear to us.  The day that a person passes seems to be embedded in our brains and nothing anyone says or does will change that. Having this number is like a blessing sandwiched between two curses. We want to remember and then we don’t. How do we decided on what to do when that very day comes up every single month? Do we avoid it or do we embrace it. Remembering the day can indeed lift us up or tear us down. The guilt, and the feeling that there is nothing we could have done and then again, just maybe we could have done more truly eaves us feeling yet stuck in the moment – cemented in the very place we stand. No one internationally hurt you. This is a moment in time that happened and it’s the very moment that you feel was taken away from you. Allow yourself to hurt and hurt like hell, but know it is only a moment of the very many moments you have in a day, a week, a month and even in a lifetime. This is a moment that you owe yourself to be alone and there is nothing disrespectful about taking this time for yourself, by yourself. We believe unfortunately that the life we live today, the world we once  knew has changed forever, but it hasn’t. It is only a moment in time, no matter how long that may seem. Take the moment, you deserve to be with your loved one. 


Published by Fushiagirl1

Shattered for so long, a middle age women seeking to put all the tiny pieces together. Functional in so many ways, but in facing so many realities the truth does set me free. I remain a women of courage and curiosity, one who look to the creator for guidance and the ancestors for knowledge. I blog for the ability to breath, to bring back together the woman that was lost as a child. The goal is to become whole again and find the happiness that I've only been told exist. Becoming whole again is a phrase, that is true, Becoming Whole Again is ME!

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