Take My Leave

photo of woman walking on grass

As we work towards our goals, (not our dreams) of becoming the person we were truly meant to be, there are so many things that come to mind to help us remember who we once were. These are the times when we jot them down no matter how large or small, how long or short, how light or heavy they may be, we just write.

To put it bluntly, I do not care to be in a relationship with you.  As one would say, I am over it.  You hurt me far too many times.  It is time for me to take my leave. Instead of healthy conversations I am met with anger, frustration and accusations. You do not want me around for me, you want me around for you. For you to use when you want.  You are not the King for me.

 I leave you with this:

The day I met you was fun, they day I fell in love with you was surprising, the day I walk away from you will be healthy.

Somebody’s Queen

Published by Fushiagirl1

Shattered for so long, a middle-aged woman seeking to put all the tiny pieces together. Functional in so many ways, but in facing so many realities the truth sets her free. She remains a woman of courage and curiosity, one who look to the creator of the universe for guidance and the ancestors for knowledge. She blogs for the ability to breath, to bring back together the woman that was lost as a child. The purpose is to become whole again and find the happiness that she never believed exist. Becoming whole again is a phrase, that is true, Becoming Whole Again is ME!

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