A Story about Rose the Bird

I came home from work and went out to walk Sasha for the evening, there this little bird sat still as can be right in front of the door. I wasn’t sure if it was real or not so I walked a little closer…still couldn’t tell. 

It was cold out. I decided to go in and forget about it. Certainly, I thought by the morning she would be gone. Either the wind would blow the artificial bird away or it would fly away if it’s real. 

The next morning, to my surprise the bird was still there sitting in the same place. As I move a little closer, she blinked! I jumped back and said, it is real!  I immediately called over to the maintenance man to come help her…the temperature had dropped to some 28 degrees so I figured she must have been frozen and as my brother Frankie said the bird could not build enough energy or heat to continue on her way.  So, she sat there in that same spot to try to get what little sun she could.  When the maintenance man came over, he picked her up to remove her from in front of the door. She flew just a little and fell back to the ground, this time on top of the cold mulch. I screamed and he said it was okay.  Not to worry. He then said, “she’s dying and to let her be, it’s the circle of life”. 

I refused to believe that, so I ran back to the house to get her a cover, I grab a white towel and my brother Edward suggested I grab some crackers.  I was on the phone with him during this time. Not having much growing up, we were raised to believe in the power of food and shelter. This helps no matter the situation. I crumbled the cracker and covered her up.  Off to work I went. 

As they day went by, I didn’t think much about Rose, the bird, but as soon as the clock struck 5, I rushed home and arrived by 5:20, ran in to grab Sasha for her evening walk and when I made it to the back gate, I raised the towel up and Rose was gone!  She had built up enough energy and flew away.  I will always remember Rose. I only had her for a short time, but I think she will remember me too.


Published by Fushiagirl1

Shattered for so long, a middle-aged woman seeking to put all the tiny pieces together. Functional in so many ways, but in facing so many realities the truth sets her free. She remains a woman of courage and curiosity, one who look to the creator of the universe for guidance and the ancestors for knowledge. She blogs for the ability to breath, to bring back together the woman that was lost as a child. The purpose is to become whole again and find the happiness that she never believed exist. Becoming whole again is a phrase, that is true, Becoming Whole Again is ME!

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