Healing from the Heart of a Friend

I was told by friend that I am loved. As I introduced the garden to my friend I thank him for being present in the garden with me. Not physically due to the new norm, but emotionally. when I am with him I feel a sense of being together, I have no doubt within myself in the moment. He said I am real and speaks things as I see them. Although I wanted to disagree I embraced the words that just didn’t sound like any part of my character. This is his feeling, I leave him his dignity.

I was told by a that I make him laugh. A friend who can make you laugh after telling you he agrees that your flower bed looks like a grave site is a friend indeed. You see, I was trying to be creative by placing stones outside the perimeters of the dirt bed and after a couple of weeks of looking at this, it just never made me feel good. The plant place in the bed is beautiful, a nice Black Eyed Susie, but the area looked of something sad, so sad that I just couldn’t bare to look at it and then realized why it didn’t make me feel alive. As my heart pulsated I removed the stones and as each one was place in a different area I could feel the calmness.

I was told by a friend that I give meaning to life: A better appreciation for what it means to be living, who says that to a broken soul? Those words were received with much gratitude they touched my shattered heart, my broken spirit, my incomplete soul, my life. His heart felt words pulled my very being together even if for a brief moment.

Published by Fushiagirl1

Shattered for so long, a middle age women seeking to put all the tiny pieces together. Functional in so many ways, but in facing so many realities the truth does set me free. I remain a women of courage and curiosity, one who look to the creator for guidance and the ancestors for knowledge. I blog for the ability to breath, to bring back together the woman that was lost as a child. The goal is to become whole again and find the happiness that I've only been told exist. Becoming whole again is a phrase, that is true, Becoming Whole Again is ME!

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